Matchbox 20 in the Round

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Matchbox Twenty performing "She's So Mean" in 360-degree 4K HD

I just finished a short review of the JVC GY-HMQ10 4K camcorder for HD Video Pro Magazine’s Nov-Dec issue 2012.  This camera is the first hand-held camcorder to record real-time 4K video at 60p onto affordable SD memory cards. At a retail price of $4,995, it’s hard to beat.

That lesson was quickly applied by the people behind the rock group Matchbox Twenty, who combined the 4K quality image with the GoPano Plus device ( to create a music video with 360-degree, interactive functionality.  Similar to the “virtual reality” photographs that are popular in real estate and hotel advertising.  Viewers of Matchbox Twenty’s music video “She’s So Mean” can click and drag on the view screen to turn the “camera” around 360 degrees in any direction.

The JVC GY-MHQ10 4K camcorder with the GoPano device attached to the lens.

Cleverly, the group arranged itself around the camera, facing toward the lens of the HMQ10, which is actually pointing directly upward and into an almost spherical mirror.  The GoPano device can be mounted on any camera, still or video, but using the 4K JVC camera produced extraordinary quality that has not been seen before in this interactive medium.

Members of Matchbook Twenty arranged in a circle around the JVC 4K camera and GoPano device.

I certainly hope other videographers employ their imaginations to see what other new ways this combination of high quality 4K video and interactive methodology can be applied.  I, for one, will be thinking real hard.  Enjoy viewing!

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