Anatomical Animations

Anatomical animations are used when you want to take something apart and show how it works.  Planets, oil wells, machines, humans, molecules – can all be disassembled in and shown with any degree of complexity.  Clients usually bring us the computer-assisted-design (CAD) file, a model or a textbook to start.

  • Phase 1. We Learn – No matter how complex or difficult to understand, we have the right people with infinite patience to sit down and learn what makes it tick.  Once we get it, we sketch out how we think it would be easiest to understand (after all, we would have just figured it out for ourselves!). Then we sit down with you and discuss the best way to animate the project within your budget.
  • Phase 2. Object Creation: From sketches or CAD drawings, we build the objects that make up your subject’s anatomy.  Sometimes we can buy these objects “ready made” and save a lot of money.   Either way, we show you each part and the entire working model for your approval before we lock down any animation.
  • Phase 3. Rigging – Often a complex anatomy has several moving parts. Gears might spin and engage other gears.  Levers might push and pull.  Stuff sometimes squirts out one end.  We show you this next and again get your approval.
  • Phase 4: Scripting – Perhaps you want the camera to fly into a small tube and move around inside the object.  Or maybe you want the object to turn slowly as it comes apart.  This is scripting and yes, it gives you another chance to approve or make suggestions.
  • Phase 5: Rendering – When your anatomical animation is just the way you like it on our computer screen, we set the computers working overnight (sometimes for several nights) to render each frame of the animation and make a video that you can watch in full resolution.  We can also ask the computers to make still frames  that you might want to use as photographs.   These can be just about any size, from a small web picture to a roadside billboard!



Here are some examples of character animations we’ve done. GET ANIMATED: 212-308-8000

Clinique Anti-Blemish

Okay - it's a pimple preventer commercial. But we certainly do not want to see an anatomical animation taking pimples apart. Watch here the real brilliance of animation that is so clear and direct that it requires no words. It could work in China as easy as Mexico.

TA Sciences

TA Sciences needed to educate the general population about their breakthrough research in "telomeres." Telomeres are a portion of human DNA that deteriorates with time and may be the principal cause of aging. This animation made the concept easily understood.