Case Study 3: Client Recommendations

A special sale postcard for Simply Chic Interiors

A frugal client began with a simple postcard announcing a special sale.

While many of our clients are Fortune 500 firms with appropriate budgets, some clients come to us while just starting out – in a challenging economy.  That doesn’t stop us from making a Fortune 500 commitment.  Take AlisaJo, a young interior designer.  She’d started Simply Chic Interiors and wanted solid advice on how to grow her business.

The Facebook page Avekta designed for Simply Chic Interiors

Here is the Facebook theme we designed as the second step of media development.

We plotted a course for her that started with an inexpensive post card with which she could raise some fast profits.  Then we showed her a design for a Facebook page that employed the same design concept as the post card, saving her a thousand dollars.

This is the brochure Avekta designed for Simply C

The brochure design creates a sophisticated validation of the firm’s credentials while enclosing easily-changed insert pages with the latest trends and sales.

AlisaJo’s next step will be a brochure that includes easily updated inserts that feature the company’s latest products and sales.  Again, the cost of this step is calculated to be afforded by the profits from her last step.

The final step in integrating the media for Simply Chic Interiors is to add a full e-commerce website from which customers can order services and merchandise.

Finally, AlisaJo will launch a website that includes a full e-commerce package with which she can make money while she sleeps.  E-commerce was AlisaJo’s objective when she walked into our offices.  But she lacked the budget to make it happen immediately.  Using our plan, she will attain her initial goal, but her firm will be covering the cost from the last quarter’s sales. Careful planning and total media integration is why your company is best served by Avekta Productions.


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