New Technologies

Our creative staff and technicians are constantly testing the latest software, often publishing our findings in trade and consumer publications. Often we find solutions to our clients' challenges, but sometimes we find solutions for which no challenge has yet presented itself. You be the judge. Here are some things we have recently discovered. If you'd like to discuss any of these solutions, call our Creative Director, George Avgerakis, at (212) 308-8000.

Digital Makeup Effect

Start with video of an actor (this is our Senior Animator, Carlyle Gordon) and we'll digitally add the makeup, In this case, lizard skin and glowing cat eyes - and a digitally altered voice. Or use the same technique to subtly add or remove age.

Mindray Simulator

This short proof-of-concept animation demonstrated Avekta's capability of making a PowerPoint presentation into an interactive tutorial simulator. Here, programmer, Jeremy Goldmith, offers one button which, when repetitively clicked, shows a heart monitor's various readouts.

NOAA Satelite Animation

NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration partnered with Avekta to produce a high definition playback of Hurricane Katrina's entire lifecycle. Avekta downloade uncompressed images from NOAA and compiled this awesome video, shown here as a low resolution thumbnail.