Full Length Motivate Videos


JVC "DILA": High Tech

The first uncompressed HDTV animation projected at the National Association of Broadcasters convention. Helped motivate George Lucas to use JVC's DILA projectors to premiere the digital versions of Star Wars.

Time Inc: Media (19m.)

This documentary was produced as Time Inc. Magazines' employee orientation video. Later it was re-edited as the introduction of Time to Warner Bros. Finally, excerpts were used by individual magazines as promotional material.

Trump: Hospitality (2m.)

A rare treat. Commissioned to direct Donald Trump without a script, Creative Director, George Avgerakis, worked with Mr. Trump to generate several tag lines which were used in commercials. Here is some raw footage of the session.

Arcadian Networks: IP (1m.)

A network operations center (NOC) are described to energy and gas exploration CEOs by the CTO of this wireless service provider. One of a series of website videos used to launch the client's service.

Republican: Political (30s.)

Joe Alessandro bore a striking resemblance to NY Senator, Chuck Schumer. We watched all of Schumer's commercials and created a similar spot for Alesandro. Then we made a Spanish language version. Alissandro victorious.

Joann Friia: Political (30s.)

Our commercial for her opponent in a previous election motivated NY Supreme Court Judge candidate, JoAnn Friia to hire us the next time around. We created an entire concept around her unusually spelled name, vastly increasing her recognition.

Republican: Political (30s.)

When you're given the County Executive as an endorser of your candidate, you don't think twice - especially when he's a famous radio personality. Dressing it up with dramatic stills of the candidate added recognition without detracting from the endorser.

Democrat: Political (30s.)

How do you motivate voters of both parties to support an ex-Marine who went on to be a social activist? You play to both strengths. Newbie, Ed Gaffney was 1 of 5 candidates warring for 3 seats with 2 incumbents. His Honor took 2nd!