Medical Videos


Cardiac Assist (18m)

This physician education video, supporting Datascope's CS100 balloon catheter monitor and cardiac assist device has scored an incredible 17,000 YouTube hits in one year. Physicians from all over the world have written to ask for more like it. See all three language versions here.

Neurosurgery (18m.)

Reconstructive neurosurgery by Dr. John A. Jane, Professor and Chief of Neurosurgery at UV Health Center, necessitated by a previous surgeon having drilled too deeply into the frontal cranium. Use of sponsor's Thrombin glue is demonstrated. 6,000 YouTube hits a year.

TA Sciences

TA Sciences needed to educate the general population about their breakthrough research in "telomeres." Telomeres are a portion of human DNA that deteriorates with time and may be the principal cause of aging. This animation made the concept easily understood.

Heart Transplant (9m.)

From our archives, dateline 1989, Dr. Denton Cooley performs a heart transplant at the Texas Heart Institute, St. Luke's Hospital. Dr. Bud Frazier is also seen speaking about then, Parke-Davis's product, Thromobstat, being a significant addition to the surgeon's toolset. (Part 1 of 2) 30,000 hits per year.

Patient Education (12m.)

Organon, a subsidiary of Schering Plough - Merck, introduced recombinant DNA as a method of reducing production cost and increasing product purity in its line of fertility products. This video convinced the public of the viability of RDNA production.