Jack Ehrbar's Portfolio

In creating animation, Avekta takes you, the client, step-by-step through the creation process, giving you complete control and sign-off on each phase before locking down your decisions and moving to the next phase toward completion. The procedure takes you confidently through concept development to previsualization, art direction, test renders and finally to print- or broadcast-ready results.

Preliminary Design Phase

Concept: Automobiles and Architecture

Here, Jack Ehrbar shows some of the preliminary designs he employed in a recent Lincoln TV and print campaign.  When making video, Jack outputs to high definition (1924 x 1080).  When making print, he can render as high as the client requires – even high enough for side-of-building posters.

Jacks notes from the project are in the captions below.

This was an early idea that ended up being discarded for a more natural, textural look. Overall I likes the finished render, but it did feel very fake to me.

The client wanted to shoot the cars in a John Lautner house in Brazil. But I knew the budget for shipping the cars might not get approved. I made this model to match the house in Brazil just in case.

Then I created an alternate layout for the Planalto Palace which incorporated more of a metropolitan environment. Always trying to stay one steap ahead of what the client may need.

This is a test concept for the first computer-generated Cadillac spot we did last year. The client gave us creative freedom to play around.

Launch Phase

In the following phase, Jack shows you the final photorealistic prints that the client selected.  Note that the client chose to render the architectural elements at less than photorealistic levels of reality so as to enhance the fantasy element of the campaign and to focus attention on the car which was rendered at maximum reality.



Here’s one of the final TV commercials, which feature John Slattery from “Mad Men,” who became the spokesperson for the brand.  In this spot, the interiors are real life, but most of the exterior elements are completely computer generated. I think we matched computer to real life very well.