Case Study 2: Futureproofing

The New York Military Academy DVD design.

The New York Military Academy (NYMA) is a 150 year old, private secondary school, designed on a curriculum similar to that of the US Military Academy, which is only a few miles away at West Point.  Avekta was called in to design a label for NYMA’s 5-year old recruitment video.

The NYMA DVD menu

The menu for the DVD we created. CLICK the picture to watch the videos.

While examining all of the client’s existing media, NYMA staff admitted that the video was “a bit outdated,” that a new brochure was being planned for the following year, and that a website would be in the budget shortly after the brochure was complete.  Three different vendors were being bid for each project.

The first of many print brochures Avekta produced for NYMA.

Avekta offered NYMA a comprehensive, three-year plan which employed a single design concept for all media.  Media integration saved NYMA approximately 25% of the combined anticipated cost of three vendors, future-proofed all media design for five years, and created a consistent brand image across all media.  The design concept is still in use, eight years after the initial proposal was accepted. 

The NYMA Website Homepage

The NYMA website as it exists today. CLICK to see it live.


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