Full Length Visualize Videos


Hampton Inn: HOSPITALITY 1m.

To sell your destination, visualize it with happy customers enjoying their best vacation ever. This website "opening video" shows a family enjoying a beachfront penthouse sunrise.

Futures & Options for Kids

This is the official charity for NY's options and futures traders. Having raised over $10 million, the organization wanted to create a visualization video to show potential donors where the money goes and what it does.

Arcadian: ENERGY (9)

Arcadian Networks provides SCADA telecommunications throughout the US midwest. This video visualizes the methodology by which electric utilities and oil & gas exploration companies could deploy a "smart field" to lower costs and increase efficiency.

The ICE: Finance (16)

A subsidiary of the Inter-Continental Exchange, the New York Board of Trade required a method of helping equities traders visualize the process by which commodity risk could be hedged using futures and options. This video dramatically follows a classic trade in sugar.

Depaz: BEVERAGE (9m)

The US launch of Depaz Rhum Agricole required the visualization of a new category of rum that could appeal to the upscale market that appreciates craftsmanship, history and vintage. This video put the "H" in Rhum and helped Depaz lead its category.

Schott: MEDICAL (9m)

This video launched a totally new concept in injectable drug delivery. Here, the drug is pre-packaged in a syringe. The syringe has a patented locking plunger that makes it impossible to re-use. Both the syringe and a factory to make syringes are featured.

CNBC-Money: TV (4m)

Money Magaazine and CNBC joined forces to produce a series of TV episodes for The Money Club. Each episode featured a consumer-investor and a financial expert visualizing a specific investment strategy.