Full Length Educate Videos



Created to educate video engineers visiting the JVC booth at the National Association of Broadcasters convention. It describes future high definition television standards.

Appletons: Beverage

Visualizing can also mean "training," but do you want to see a boring training film? Here's a neat trick you can do at home that's called "Flaming an Orange." As the host says, "It's quite a head-turner."

NPO: Americares (1M.)

Americares is a charity that delivers medical aid to disaster victims around the world on days notice. This video educates the public and produces support funding and volunteers.

FINANCE: The ICE (16m)

Even Wall Street brokers don't really know how futures and options contracts are traded. This video, "Anatomy of a Trade," dramatically follows an international commodities trade through its one-day cycle.

PHARMA: Organon (12m.)

Organon (Merk) perfected the first RDNA fertility drug. Prior to this, fertility drugs were derived from horse urine. This video powerfully convinces couples that RDNA is superior to the "organic" version.

ENERGY: Ensearch (5m.)

Co-generation power plants require a three-way buy-in" from the municipality, a heat-producing factory and an electrical utility. This video convinces all three that it's a winner for all.