Web Media

Web Media includes websites, web content, interactive media, online tutorials, email campaigns, e-commerce catalogs, animation, smart-phone apps and any other innovative applications of high technology mass-media.

Here are some examples of complete websites we have designed. GET YOURS: 212-308-8000

Ferrari Webzine

This "webzine" sells accessories and upscale events (from $9,000 2-day driver classes to Grand Prix VIP tours), while subscribing current and future Ferrari owners. Avekta designed site, content management system and all content. Site obtains 950+ qualified subscribers a year and brisk sales.

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However complex your website, the visitor should never be more than two clicks away from a closing page - where the visitor is compelled to act. This site is targeted to architects, developers and building managers. It successfully closes millions of dollars worth of custom-built windows yearly.

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Hampton Inn & Suites

Amit Savyone programmed this client-managed site with a custom backbone that features over 25 HD videos, 360° panoramas, virtual tours, client-controlled music library, a comparison chart of each room's features, links to attractions, events calendar, welcoming text and background theme elements that change automatically with the seasons, and a Canadian French version. Available for licensing.

Lebenthal & Co.

A Jeremy Goldsmith design, this huge, 3-part Webucation™ site features hours of free, online, interactive tutorials, videos, animations and elaborate sound effects. Driven by the genius of municipal bond gurus, Jim and Alexandra Lebenthal, this site has been hailed as the "Bond University of the Web."

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American Security Systems

Directed to condominium and co-operative boards of directors, developers and municipal housing authorities, this site Webucates™ viewers on the latest security technology and assists them in integrating holistic solutions that are economic and effective. Includes client's CMS.

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100 West 18th Street

This site was launched 6 months before the luxury condo was begun. Featuring a Flash animated opening, neighborhood guide, interactive floor plans and 3D animated Softimage renderings by Tony Johnson, this site sold 7 of the units in its first week!

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Hellenic Link

A not-for-profit site, that works in two languages simultaneously - Greek and English. The content management system (CMS) allows the client to write his own bi-lingual content, including pictures, traffic generating links, videos and PowerPoint programs - a monthly webzine with archives.

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Jewelry e-Commerce

Saundra Messinger is a premium jewelry designer. She supplied her own design and requested it be converted into a fully-functional site. Jeremy Goldsmith finished the work to the client's delight in 30 days and on budget, demonstrating we play well with others!

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here are examples of various web content created for existing sites.   GET YOURS: 212-308-8000

Bayer Online Tutorial

Bayer Diagnostics created a blood analysis machine and needed to train operators online. The budget they offered allowed us to make the full tutorial, plus an abbreviated version for use in marketing to hospitals.

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JVC Email Tutorial

We designed a teaser email that was mailed to an opt-in list of 50,000 videographers. 86% clicked the emailer's link to a tutorial we created. Of those, 43% returned to see the tutorial more than once. Sales increased.

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Instant Distributor Sites

Client is a manufacturer selling umbrellas through distributors, who didn't have websites. On our site, distributor uploads his logo to make an instantly branded website. Customers upload their logos to make instantly branded umbrellas and print an approval copy of their designs!

Social Media on Broadway

The Broadway League represents Broadway theatrical producers with numerous websites. To create greater traffic and fan loyalty the League hired Avekta to design Facebook campaigns and MailChimp templates. The League's target of 5,000 "Likes" was achieved.