Avantair Offers Ferrari Owners Fractional Jet Ownership

The Piaggio Avanti is the fastest turboprop in the world.
Ferrari Owners will soon discover another Italian masterpiece that truly flies.  Avantair, an official sponsor of the Ferrari Challenge, is the fractional provider of the Piaggio Avanti, the aircraft that defines a new category of luxury and personal comfort.  Aerodynamically shaped to slice through the air smoothly and quietly, the unique forward wing on the Piaggio Avanti dispenses the air to afford a faster, more comfortable ride.  The shape also lends itself to the class and elegance of a spacious, luxurious stand-up cabin, more than a foot taller and wider than other light cabin aircraft including oversized, stuffed leather captain chairs and a fully enclosed private aft lavatory.

The cabin offers luxurious accommodations for passengers.
As one of the most innovative aircraft in history, the Piaggio Avanti is equipped with the world’s most reliable and advanced Collins Pro Line Avionics system and Pratt & Whitney engines.  The aircraft has set numerous in-flight speed records and is the fastest turboprop in the world. 

Fractional jet ownership offers privacy and unique travel flexibility.
Cruising at speeds of more than 450 m.p.h., the Avanti rivals the speed of most light jets with its Mmo 0.7 Mach certification.  Whether your flights take you to Challenge rounds or from New York to Miami, travel seems like a breeze.  With the operational flexibility to fly in and out of shorter runways with access to more than 5,000 airports, the Piaggio Avanti provides you with the speed and performance you crave.

Avantair is currently offering Ferrari owners unique opportunities to enter the exclusive world of fractional ownership. Owners who purchase a fractional share receive two additional hours to their account. Owners who purchase a 15-hour or 25-hour Edge card receive one additional hour on their account. For more information on flying smart or to schedule a demonstration flight, contact the Avantair sales team at (877) 289-7180 or sales@avantair.com.